Life Coach Kitteh says spread happiness

Life Coach Kitteh says:
Spread happiness by giving people ‘positive strokes’. A compliment about their nice hair perhaps. Or congratulating them on a funny sentence. And at the end of an exhausting day of positive stroking, reward yourself by getting your tiny tongue out and giving yourself a lovely lick.”

With only their third release in four years, dPole Records return with Dorfmarke and the Deep Fat Phased EP. A deep house EP but with an uncommon astringency to tickle your tastebuds. There’s the original and a trio of remixes here.

The original track is a pretty electronic offering with a chunky groove. This is followed my a more relaxed, lush dub mix. Everything’s that bit softer and chilled. Lovely tune.

The Jonny Miller returns to a more electronic sound but with a sense of electronic lounge funk to jerk around to. Patty Kay offers a house reinterpretation that vies with the Dub mix as the pick of the quartet.

Dub mix

Whole EP


~ by acidted on March 27, 2017.

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