Friday foursome: Miwk, Heroarky, Juliette and Stillhead

A Friday foursome of downtempo and experimental sounds from Miwk, Heroarky, Juliette and Stillhead.

Let’s start with the delightful Muckbirth by Miwk. This has lightly crushed beats and a sense of taking its time. It’s almost glitched in parts as sequences don’t quite go as you’d imagine. A description of super chillin’ feels about right.

Secondly, Heroarky offers At The Beat. If anything, this is even more chilled that Miwk’s offering. There’s a sonic depth to it all. A booming in your ears like sound travelling underwater but without in any way it really being a dub track. As Heroarky says “Chill, it’s not the end of the world.”

Thirdly, Juliette with something that’s not trying to push any boundaries but is a delight. With This Place Is Growing On Me Juliette is trying to make you feel safe and warm. The electronics and bits of guitar have an enveloping feeling, a cocoon. Lie back and drift away. Allow yourself total relaxation.

A change of emphasis for the final tack of the foursome. Stillhead offers Hypersensitive. This has an awkwardness and angularity that the others avoid. It asks am I persistent? Like icebergs moving across the ocean, the movement may be slow and the bass deep but it will not be stopped. This is dub bass rattling your very core. This isn’t hypersentitive, it’s unstoppable.


~ by acidted on March 31, 2017.

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