Aethek – 2501

Scarlet Johansson is in the remake of Ghost In The Shell. I doubt I’ll watch, albeit that I haven’t seen the original. But here’s Aethek with 2501 based on the soundtrack to the original. A slow cyberpunk epic feel of machines crunching and weightless nameless strangeness. You will pay attention.

Download link…ethek_-_2501.wav


“What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror. Then we shall see face to face.”

Aethek – 2501 is an homage to the masterpiece Manga and Anime “Ghost in the Shell” by Shirow Masamune for the manga and Kenji Kawai for the music. It holds the status of being one of most important cultural heritages of Japan in terms of manga and animation, standing as part of the realm that held the test of time, inspired millions of men and women around the world and pushing imagination beyond.

22 years later, after several experiments with the vocals occasionally, and after I had the honour of meeting one of GITS producers, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa of studio I.G. in person – explaining that through the track FiberTwist the synaesthesia of neurofunk belongs to his realm as well.

I dedicate this homage to pay my utmost respects to the creators of the realm, to contribute with hope to keep this magic alive. Next to Akira and Patlabor, this is the world I live in.

Special thanks to Antireal and MethLab for the struggle put in on a daily cyberpunk basis.


~ by acidted on April 1, 2017.

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