Wednesday wants to experiment with Lia Lia and theneondesire

Two tracks that take a more experimental path this morning. Lia Lia takes a vocal approach whilst theneondesire push the boat out.

Lia Lia’s Olymp is, unusually for me, a vocal-led track. But Lia Lia has voice that twists you round its little finger akin to St Etienne’s sweeter moments. The accompanying electronics offset the sugariness with some astringent awkwardness. It occasionally starts to offer synth epicness and the remembers this is about love and loss, not Trumpian showboating.

Progress is the name of the game from theneondesire. It opens with an organ line of sixties vintage before stamping on it with splattered electronics. But the light doesn’t completely go out and the synths vie with crunches and buzzes throughout. Has a lo-fi epicness which wins out.


~ by acidted on April 19, 2017.

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