Thursday Twosome with MuckMouth

I don’t know anything about MuckMouth, other than I think he’s an American gentleman. Nevertheless, here are two rather nice mellow tracks from his album Weird and Wonderful Sounds for an Unchained Mind.

My favourite of the pair is The Philosopher’s Apprentice. This has a lazy trip hop feel to it. A piano dribbles notes in a stoner fashion and the beats shuffle along lackadaisically behind. The whole thing has a casually cast off feel that belies the intricacy of the track and the warm glow it engenders.

The second track is Beach City. This has a more digital feel, with synthetic beats and a slightly 80s synth / R&B feeling to it. Like a R&B track from which the endless “baby baby” refrains have been removed. This is welcome on my beach any time.

~ by acidted on April 20, 2017.

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