Ambient tales in Untold EP by Colin Cameron Allrich

Colin Cameron Allrich (aka Slighter) has a new Untold EP out. He describes it as “music for insomniacs.” I’d say hazy ambient, but who’s counting sheep?

Comes in two sides, Side One and Side Two, unsurprisingly enough. And each side comes in normal and ambient form. Side One’s normal form offers washes of hazy synths and crunching beats. Hardly likely to lull you to sleep. The ambient take offers more of a hymn to Morpheus. Everything comes on a half-speed. Little bits of piano float in a sea of swooshes. A delight.

Side Two’s normal form has more than a little Boards of Canada about it. There are a myriad of things going on here, mostly only half heard. A sense of drifting in the moment between waking and sleeping. Beats a pushed far, far into the background. Given this track is almost horizontal to start with, it’s not a surprise that the ambient version almost doesn’t exist in its whispiness. One note piano and a little drone static. And that’s your lot.

Sleep well.

Blurb: Occasionally when I can’t sleep I’ll get on my laptop and fiddle around in Logic. A few months ago while combating this insomnia I began cutting up various samples and granulizing different bits of sounds and beats. This drowsy haze produced “Untold”, 2 songs presented in these 4 tracks that can really only be described as music for insomniacs.

~ by acidted on April 21, 2017.

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