Koronis – Circuits

Before we leave the weekend, here’s some glacial ambient from Koronis.

New Zealand’s Koronis is as much art as artist, operating in the multi-media environment. An environment that does much to make me nervous, since it values cerebral artistic and restricted code over emotion and inclusiveness. He’s (I assume it’s a him) back here after a gap of 18 months with a new album, Circuits. This is pitched as “a concept album exploring the relationship between experimental electronics and classical composition.”

I needn’t have worried, this is a lovely ambient album. Like The Replicant EP, it works best with that edge of chilly froideur. Classically influenced pieces of piano and lonely violin chase electronic blips and spurts across a whiteout landscape. The individual tracks, in a sense, don’t really matter. This is all about the overall calming effect offered by the tracks and that edge of unutterable sadness they engender.

The album comes in digital and vinyl formats. Unusually, these are meant to work together. Koronis explains: “The album is composed of two working pieces: a digital component and a 7” vinyl component.

The digital component is comprised of 5 tracks: A1, A2, Intermission AR, B1, and B2. The 7” is home to tracks A1 and B1. Although each individual track is meant to stand alone in it’s playback, one can also layer the songs over one another to create a larger composition.”

~ by acidted on April 23, 2017.

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