Nymad – Tides ft Jade parker

The return of Nymad after nearly six months with a new tune. Tides is as beautiful as ever. The difference this time is Jade Parker as vocalist.

Tides shows off Nymad’s delicate way with tunes. Less of a tune than sounds shimmering at you. All fragile trip hop delicacy. The vocal from Jade Parker brings things into a sharper focus but the slight chopping of the vocal allows it to never quite come into full view. The track retains a glorious distance. It forces you to find it, rather than the other way round.

Blurb: nymad’s ‘Pace’ EP features his experiments with synthesizers and percussion instruments from around the globe, adding the flavor of life in Latin America to the dynamic beats of the UK. It includes a collaboration with friend and singer Jade Parker. @nymad is the down-tempo electronica alias of drummer & producer Jose Wills. Hailing from Colombia and now based in Manchester, his music seamlessly blends the folkloric with the electronic, creating a distinctive sound which spans influences in world, trip-hop, house and drum ‘n bass. KROOKS Records is proud to release this beautiful EP. With artwork by Florin Mocanu. For more info on the EP: www.krooks-records.com/album/nymad-pace-ep/


~ by acidted on April 29, 2017.

One Response to “Nymad – Tides ft Jade parker”

  1. […] had the opening track from Nymad’s Pace EP here a few weeks ago. Time to check out the rest of the EP, which is more experimental and electronic […]

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