micronism – an unfulfilled wish #electronic #chill

Today’s track is an unfulfilled wish by micronism.  It apparently dates from 1998, though it was completely new to me. Taken from the album inside a quiet mind, micronism is a New Zealand artist. The tunes are synth dominated, with a sound that’s a bit akin to things like B12 or FSL in their early 90s incarnations. Not quite chill but not awkward ambient. Sounds are washes and waves, rather than angular. Everything is head-noddingly mellow, yet fruitful and engaging.

Buy on vinyl / digital:

Blurb: Originally released in 1998 through Kog Transmissions via a very limited CD run, we’re proud to present for the first time digitally and on vinyl one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed electronic albums.

‘inside a quiet mind’ has been lovingly remastered by Chris Chetland, one of the founders of Kog Transmissions, and who handled the original mastering.

“Somehow or another, Chris managed to make it releasable 20 years ago, and now he has given new life to the album by a further smoothing of the edges, and polishing it to a level of shininess where it even sounds good in my ute”. – Denver McCarthy (micronism)

‘inside a quiet mind’ is a modern classic of the electronic genre, and one which can finally be experienced to a standard befitting it’s quality. A forgotten gem no more, it is an album that holds an important place in NZ electronic music history.

Stepping through deep house, glitch and techno, and originally made across bedrooms in Auckland and Brisbane, inside a quiet mind isn’t a collection of songs, it is a complete album, and one which was created as such. Across 11 songs and over one hour, it is a journey across an electronic spectrum, and one which is best enjoyed in full.

Originally created inside the thriving electronic scene of the late 90’s, ‘inside a quiet mind’ is an album which wears it’s influences proudly – the electro/synth heavy Detroit sound, and the minimal-techno of Basic Channel and Maurizio from Berlin. As Denver McCarthy himself matured and grew from his late teens to early twenties, so did his sound. 


~ by acidted on May 2, 2017.

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