Lieben – Terra (reconstructed mix)

Portugal’s Lieben is here to serenade you with Terra (reconstructed mix). Taken from the Acid Luv album, this is a big phat track as befits the name. There’s an earthy boom to the bass that dominates the opening. This flirts around the borders of acid, techno and IDM. This gives the track a chance to slip in some acid elements and some crunching beats without being constrained by any of the genres and choosing to plough its own furrow. Excellent leftfield track.

Blurb: With the new year only barely started, Extended Records begins a new phase of its publishing work. After Savaint Fair’s Trip Thru The Cosmic Belt, Extended Records’ 20th release, we are releasing on March 31st Acid Luv, a debut album by Lieben (Sebastião Pinto) and the second LP in Extended’s catalogue.

A productive artist from Lisbon, Lieben is one of Extended Records’ founder and a recurrent name in the label’s showcases, where his live act delivers restless combinations of acid, house, and electro. Two years after Sangue (his participation in the first volume of Extended V.A. 001), Lieben is back with Acid Luv, a mature reflection on his childhood in Lisbon presented in 12 tracks of an intimate and personal nature.


~ by acidted on May 3, 2017.

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