The Golden Verses of Pythagoras #balearic

Bore da from Cwmbran City and a sunny Sunday mixtape with far from your usual Balearic offerings. No proper track listing but this offers “Soul, Afrobeat, Balearic, Deep-House & Disco, for a change of groove. Maestros include Devo, Bobby Caldwell, Curtis Mayfield, Sir Victor Uwaifo, Mr Monday, William Aura, Massimino Lippoli, Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart (avec Weatherall), Orlando Julius & The Afro Sounders, Wally Badarou, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, AFMB, Shalark, Chez Damier & Holy Ghost Inc.” That blindness of what’s coming seemed to match with Han Solo’s vision problems after being de-carbonised.

As for The Golden Verses of Pythagoras (Greek: Χρύσεα Ἔπη, Chrysea Epê; Latin: Aurea Carmina), they are a collection of moral exhortations. They comprise 71 lines written in dactylic hexameter verse and are traditionally attributed to Pythagoras. Of these, I would offer you “Do nothing evil, neither in the presence of others, nor privately.”

~ by acidted on May 7, 2017.

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