Exclusive track from: In At The Deep End – VA compiled and mixed by Tripswitch

Tripswitch (Nick Brennan) returns with a new label and a new comp of unreleased tracks. We have an exclusive a track from Gnomes of Kush for you.

After last years melodic electronic album Vagabond, Tripswitch has decided to set up a new label, onedotsixtwo and for its first release go for a double album of previously unreleased tracks. The comp, In At The Deep End, has two sections. The first a selection of chilled leftfield tracks and the second takes things into a slightly more club friendly atmosphere.

I’ve focused on the tracks on Part 1 of the release, all of which are very good but the stand out track for me is opener Gnomes Of Kush – Finding Tranquillity. And that’s what we’ve got as the exclusive track. Only 4 minutes long but it has that ability to spin you out, so time ceases to have meaning. The sample talks about “waking up” but that’s really the last thing you’re gonna want to do. Long, lush held chords spin off into a drone undergrowth. There are no beats here, and if anyalysed too much, precious little tune. But that’s rather to miss the point. This is all about sustaining an emotional moment.

The remainder of Part 1 is equally good. Fear of Ghosts offer No.10.  A slightly more bass heavy paean to the General Election (perhaps). Heart Way from Sea Raven brings in broken beats and ripples of keyboards. A less ambient and more beach sound. That continues through Interaxxis’  Autumn Feelings.

Gyrokite from Klatu offers a vision from the skies. Full of wispy clouds and snatched sounds of below. Merge brings things back to earth with a more grounded, slightly IDM, tune. Tripswitch himself makes an appearance with the chilled drum and bass of Kauri. Could almost have done with more drum and bass and less chill to give the track a little more presence. Autoglider shows his qualities on Horizon, another album highlight. To close, Seaman breaks out a slow house piano on Feel The Sunrise.

Blurb: Nick Brennan’s Tripswitch journey through electronic music continues unabated as he celebrates his 16th year as a renowned DJ/Producer with the launch of his brand new onedotsixtwo label and his first mix comp, a stylish summer affair featuring no less than 23 exclusive tracks that join the dots perfectly between past, present and future. The supremely eclectic ‘Part 1’ selection commences with the ambient vibes of Gnomes Of Kush, one of the guises from the fertile mind of Tony D’Oporto, who has been at the forefront of West Coast American and Mexican electronic music culture since the early 90’s and looks after the stateside end of Nick’s eclectic label Section Records from his base in Seattle.

General Release Date: 2nd June 2017
Beatport Exclusive: 19th May 2017
Format: Digital
Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/label/onedotsixtwo/62965

Part 1
1.01 – Gnomes Of Kush – Finding Tranquillity
1.02 – Fear Of Ghosts – No.10
1.03 – Sea Raven – Heart Way
1.04 – Interaxxis – Autumn Feelings
1.05 – Earth Growl – Dub Play & Sun Rays (D-Echo Project Remix)
1.06 – Klātu – Gyrokite
1.07 – Displacer – Merge
1.08 – Seb Dhajje – Ecaterina
1.09 – Tripswitch – Kauri
1.10 – Audioglider – Horizon
1.11 – Xspance – Shine
1.12 – Seaman – Feel The Sunrise

Part 2
2.01 – Bwoy De Bhajan – Antique Cicada
2.02 – Kosmas & Dio S – Reborn
2.03 – Dimitri Nakov & BVision – Tweaker
2.04 – Thankyou City – Enveloper
2.05 – James Monro – Mantis
2.06 – Jossie Telch – Secret
2.07 – Buzo – On Second Thought
2.08 – Tripswitch & Martin Vice – Sentiment
2.09 – Partenaire – Yesterdays
2.10 – GMJ – Efficacy
2.11 – Tripswitch – Sinking


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