Pace by nymad #folktronica


We had the opening track from Nymad’s Pace EP here a few weeks ago. Time to check out the rest of the EP, which is more experimental and electronic with folk elements.

The EP opens with Tides, of which I said it was “fragile trip hop delicacy.” It’s all a bit different on Distance, which is a long way from that. A more forward electronic track, this combines awkward electronic IDM noises with a background lullaby. Heartbound is even better. A xylophone / kalimba led track this plonks around beautifully. The air of etherealness is added to by held vocal sounds which give it that lost in the early morning jungle appeal.

Softer sounds return on Glow. A more conventional trip hop, downtempo track in many ways. This still manages to create a soft warmth into which to plunge. The title track, Pace, closes proceedings. Kalimba makes a return on what mich be described as slow house. A tiny bit like 45rpm played at 33rpm. But the effect is bewitching.

A lovely EP as engaging for its electronic diversity as for the wash of Tides.

Blurb: You can’t set your pace without finding your rhythm. It’s about dancing to the groove, which suits you and breaks away from all the noise that surrounds us all. nymad’s Pace EP features his experiments with synthesizers and percussion instruments from around the globe, adding the flavor of life in Latin America to the dynamic beats of the UK. It includes a collaboration with friend and singer Jade Parker. The talented Florin Mocanu has done the artwork for this EP. It yields sentiment, tranquility, and poise.

nymad is the down-tempo electronica alias of drummer & producer Jose Wills. Hailing from Colombia via London and now based in Manchester, his music seamlessly blends the folkloric with the electronic, creating a distinctive sound which spans influences in world, trip-hop, house and drum ‘n bass.



~ by acidted on May 11, 2017.

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