Funsize – Synesthesia EP #deeptech

Funsize means “(of a product) smaller than the regular or usual size.” A curious choice of name by this Dominican DJ. But his Synesthesia EP (sp. synaesthesia?) is not short on quality.

The title track is a chilled journey through tech house, with a parping synth for company. Nice. Ethereal Dance, if anything, is even better. It clatters along, with a happy synth following in its wake. If the weather were better this would be great outside. The final original track is Afterglow. The only misstep here. A slightly drawn out bit of tech house tedium.

There are two remixes. Unknown Artist takes on Synesthesia. Drops some of the chill, in favour of a more bouncing house style. Fine but not an improvement on the original. Jordy Sanchez’ take on Ethereal Dance focuses of the club with a drum/beats heavy remix. The final remix comes from Ennio Skoto, who take the disappointing original to a better place. He adds some space and gives it a more washed out ambient spin. A real improvement.


Ethereal Dance

Whole EP

Blurb: Dominican DJ/producer Funsize sets in motion his musical journal with Synesthesia EP, an appealing assortment of balanced, harmonious and ethnic techno vibrations.


~ by acidted on May 13, 2017.

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