Ponty Mython – Black Magic EP

Ponty Mython. Oh my aching sides. Ignore the lame name. The music’s great. Experimental, inventive, fun electronica.

The Black Magic EP is a mix of electronics, Eastern exoticism and a need not to take itself too seriously. That gives the tracks a light, deft touch that sparkles in sunlight.

Title track Black Magic has temple chimes, flutes and dance-around-your-Buddha beats. Yes it’s all a bit tie-dyed but nothing wrong in that once in a while. May the gods smile on you when you dance to this naked in the morning sun.

Meanwhile, God Bless Atheism takes things a bit more seriously. A reflective, contemplative ambient track.

Buy EP
Digi: bit.ly/2qaGJxs
Bandcamp: bit.ly/2pwiP3a
12″ Juno: bit.ly/2pw8t31
Phonica: bit.ly/2p1pd0P
Piccadilly: bit.ly/2peN3ot


~ by acidted on May 14, 2017.

2 Responses to “Ponty Mython – Black Magic EP”

  1. Ooof. Worst name I’ve seen for some time.

  2. I quite like “Hidden Object”. Posted it, actually.

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