2Beeps – Little Lights EP

I rather miss Lemon Jelly’s whimsy and Boards of Canada’s ambient strangeness. 2Beeps have come to fill that void.

Opening track, Something Special marries whirling, offbeat electronics to a childlike melody. But this is no childish track, it’s a thrilling, joyous ride.

Of the EP, 2beeps says “This EP takes its name from the title track “Little Lights”, which I originally released years ago. The tracks are very similar, all sharing dreamy melodies married to downtempo beats and melodic bass.” The track Little Lights is not as uncomplicatedly thrilling as Something Special but caries that warped electronic sense of childlike ambient through to a more disorientating place.

The Small Things is a bit of a surprise, dropping as it does that offbeat whimsy in favour of a decent electronic track which sounds almost out of place on the EP. Closer Curl into a ball restores the weirdness quotient and steps back up the sense of wondrous euphoria and plinky plonky electronics. Fabulous.

Available on:
Apple Music – itun.es/us/lobHjb
Spotify – open.spotify.com/album/1N8zgZFIJBVZyA6ZtyysEQ
Bandcamp – 2beeps.bandcamp.com/album/little-lights-ep
Amazon – www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071DWQFJ2
Google Play – play.google.com/store/music/album…lqetf5vhtoxo322pm


~ by acidted on May 17, 2017.

One Response to “2Beeps – Little Lights EP”

  1. Really, really beautiful.

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