Day glo Monday: Jay Bird x Sinoox and Befoawhle

If your Monday is feeling a bit monochrome, here’s a couple of day glo tunes to brighten your day from Jay Bird and Befoawhle.

Jay Bird First. A tune with Sinoox, Dream Catcher is full of hopeful synths and what he calls a progressive techno sound. The music gradually builds up to a cheery peak, taking some of EDMs styling but without ever quite tipping over the edge. A total Sunny Delight of a tune.

Free Download:

Befoawhle offers Still Friends. Takes a similar tack with synths leading up to a peak that has a slightly harder edge than Jay Bird’s one. That edge may come from the duality in the title, which has an ominous ambiguity. That’s confirmed by Befoawhle who says “I made this song for all of my friends. Many of my friends betrayed me. But I don’t regret of being friends with them.”

Download for free :

~ by acidted on May 22, 2017.

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