Ornery & JP Lantieri – Berlin To London (Original Mix) – PREMIERED ON ACID TED

A premiere for Acid Ted with Ornery & JP Lantieri today. A partial homage to my home town, in the new Berlin To London EP. This is progressive house but of a darker than usual hue. This is out on Beatport today.

The original mix is seven minutes of London progressive house lightness with a great synth hook, shot through with the darker austere bass menace of Berlin. A track working as well in a club as at home. A really good sound system would get the best out of the peaks and pauses that pepper the track. Fly high with the synths and despair at the bass.

It’s accompanied by three remixes. Ornery’s take brushes away some of the darkness to leave something slightly too uplifting. Mystik Vybe takes away the lightness to leave something dark, brooding and slightly flat. JP Lantieri offers the best of the remixes, taking the original down a shade into clearer techno territory, but not so far that all the light and colour is sucked from the track. A terrific addition to the original.

Listen to the whole EP here:

Blurb: Following “London To Berlin”, the recent EP by Ornery and Flemcy owner JP Lantieri, the pair is now releasing their “Berlin To London”, an arpeggiated progressive ballad accompanied by three remixes from Ornery, JP Lantieri and Mystik Vybe.

~ by acidted on May 30, 2017.

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