fran&co – Mira Machine EP #house

The systems in which we live and operate are all machines or operating systems. We present we can uncover a truth but perhaps the machine is too complex, too inter-dependent to be understood fully. And in a post-truth society that becomes harder. Talking about pot truth, this from Prof Bent Flyvbjerg struck a chord (except the last point).

Bent Flyvbjerg says “The Oxford English Dictionary named “post-truth” its 2016 word of the year. Here are eight rules for post-truth politics, based on my research on power and truth:

1. Truth is context dependent.

2. The context of truth is power.

3. Power blurs the dividing line between truth and lies.

4. Lies and spin presented as truth is a principal strategy of those in power.

5. The greater the power, the less the truth.

6. Power has deeper historical roots than truth, which weakens truth.

7. Today, no power can avoid the issue of “speaking the truth,” unless it imposes silence and servitude. Herein lies the power of truth.

8. Truth will not be silenced.

If you want to read a detailed ethnography of how post-truth politics works in practice, see here:

What has that to do with fran&co’s Mira Machine EP? Nothing much, other than the music here is within and of the machine. Not quite techno and not quite house. There’s an underlying dispassionate menace to tracks like Mira Machine. The Matt Ossentjuk remix almost humanises it, losing the ‘other’ in the process. The Sasch BBC & Casper remix entertains melody but only to distract your eyes from the working of the machine. Welcome to your dystopia seen as utopia.


~ by acidted on June 1, 2017.

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