Thursday trio with gadget and the cloud, rvrsal and cubbi

An awkwardly IDM / downtempo trio from gadget and the cloud, rvrsal and cubbi.

A welcome return for Ireland’s gadget and the cloud. Continue opens, as the name suggests, as if it continues from what’s gone before. A droney piece of ambient. This is low cloud and the prospect of rain to come. Chords come on softly, the beats are back in the mix but curiously crisp. Fine work. Download for free on The Artist Union:

Rvrsal’s Factory Settings is weirder still. Dubbed, echoed and distorted samples offer a disorientating foreground to some lounge guitar background. All very Twin Peaks. Even a bit of sixties counter-cultural going on. Drown yourself in this one.

Finally, cobbi with Take Me Home. No digas nada. Let her talk while you take in the effect of the drone, bells and whirrs that form this not-quite-a-tune track. This number of discordant elements shouldn’t work but her vocal acts like solder, slithering along like aural molten metal to keep everything together.


~ by acidted on June 1, 2017.

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