Beats Over Chocolate. No need for sugar. Give her bass.

She likes House. She likes Techno. She likes to dance with the speaker in her face.” A line from Ben Dragon’s Beats Over Chocolate. And a flash back to remind me of D’s behaviour at clubs in the 90s. All a very long time ago. Memories inevitably fading. But no mind, this is a really cool techno tune. Has a bit of that New York cool of the art scene there. Whatever, this is one of the most original techno tracks I’ve heard in a while.

Blurb: “Beats Over Chocolate” is an groovy quirky ode to the ladies of house and techno from FTME label-boss Ben Dragon. It’s a catchy bass-heavy record that instantly creates a beautifully fun and uplifting vibe on the dancefloor. No need for sugar…give her BASS 🙂

Soundcloud: @BenDragon


~ by acidted on June 5, 2017.

One Response to “Beats Over Chocolate. No need for sugar. Give her bass.”

  1. That’s ace. Puts me in mind of a track we used to dance to in the 90s which had a female vocal ‘give me chocolate’

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