Jolliffe – Codeine Hate Cloud

A debut release by garage/dubstep producer Jolliffe. There’s more than a little debt owed to Burial’s soundscapes here but it’s expertly done.

Codeine Hate Cloud is taken from his debut EP on Kismet Records. It’s apparently a throw back to leaving his home town of Cambridge, though I’ve not heard of Codeine hate. It’s usually constipation people complain about. This has a garage beats base, full of deep dark dub and the lament of lost souls. But the centrepiece of this tune is taken by the flute, which accentuates the otherworldliness of the tune.

The remainder of the EP is a mixed bag.  Opener, 00000000385 is a confused mix of garage beats, soulful vocal and random sounds. And Lonely reminds me why I’m not a garage fan, with pitter patter beats on tinny car stereos. Far  better is In Dark, which despite the title offers an optimistic counterpart to Codeine Hate Cloud. The EP ends with a Luke Hassan remix of Codeine Hate Cloud. This ups the dark dubs in a pleasing manner but doesn’t exceed the original in inventiveness.

Full EP

Blurb: London based UK Garage Producer – Jolliffe, makes his debut release on Rui Da Silva’s own label – Kismet Records. This self-titled four track EP is a collage of field recordings, sampled drums and moog synthesisers that have been heavily swung and distorted. Moving through dark sub-lit conditions of Dark Soul and electronic granular backdrops this is a record that has been consciously written as a journey through his beloved North London. The lead single ‘Codeine Hate Cloud’ is a throw back to leaving his childhood home of Cambridge.

~ by acidted on June 6, 2017.

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