Paaaarty with Metal Legs by Silicon Buddhas

Frivolous, disposable, fun, frolicsome and yet essential. An 80s/90s party tune from Silicon Buddhas. Filled with New Order / PSB 80s sounds, police sirens, random vocal samples and a lust for life joie de vivre like you wouldn’t believe. Allegedly created in the 80s but who knows, and frankly who cares? For block parties everywhere.

Blurb: Silicon Buddhas formed in 1985, just two young men stepping out into the bright sunshine from under the dark shadows of gothic architecture. With a knowing smile, they created one 4-track demo tape, a solitary electro track called ‘Metal Legs’, before hurriedly slipping back to their natural subterranean habitat.

That dusty, old demo tape remained forgotten and unheard for all those years but now it has been re-discovered and re-formulated for the public to hear.

Finally, this is the Silicon Buddhas debut release.

~ by acidted on June 15, 2017.

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