PoP Campaign – Ex-raver

I was walking to the station yesterday when I noticed there were an awful lot more people in the pubs than usual. And then I noticed rather more floppy sun hats on the men than struck me as seemly, even on a hot summer’s day. In among the cacophony of the world’s languages that is a London high street there were a lot of Northern accents. Mancs, it would appear. Of a certain age. Wearing t-shirts with slices of lemon. I hadn’t realised Stone Roses were playing at Wembley. I have to admit a bit of a don’t-you-think-it’s-time-you-grew-up moment. I was chastened from this reverie by the thought of whether I’d go see Orbital if they played, since that would be 25 years since I first saw them. Since I might well do, then that makes me the Ex-raver of the title of the new track from PoP Campaign.

Ex-raver the track is explained by PC thus “The forgotten dream of egalitarian clubbing. Bloated club nights, money men making £’s from people’s misery (Guido Fawkes). Best of British F’off. We are all ex-ravers now.” This ex-raver regrets that this tune wasn’t available back then because it’s a corker. Might even have caused a flurry of those people who would hold up signs saying “TUNE” (I never approved of such things). Works wonderfully well today, the same of which can’t be said about me. The track has a mildly acidic undercarriage accompanied by the sweetest one note synth line that would explode your soul at 2am.

100 free downloads available.

PoP Campaign are playing the Wild Card Brewery, Walthamstow, on:

Thurs‎ 29th June, supporting LAPS (live)
Sat ‎22nd July (DJ- Feminist Jukebox night)
Sat 23rd Sept (DJ- Feminist Jukebox night)
Sat 14th Oct (DJ- OktoBEERfest event)

~ by acidted on June 18, 2017.

3 Responses to “PoP Campaign – Ex-raver”

  1. That is a proper tune. No mistake.

    London invaded by touring Roses fans are all either current or ex-ravers.

    • Cheers for the love! We are Ex-ravers and were in attendance at the Roses on Sat. Much love, PoP xx

  2. There’s a surplus ‘are’ in that comment.

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