Thursday’s techno trio: Esensides, Azzum and Aibhoo

Three techno tunes all going in different directions from Esensides, Azzum and Aibhoo.

Greek artists Billy Alex & Vaggelis Tasoudis make up the Esensides production duo and began their collaborative project with a release on dPen’s The Last Of Us Music in 2015. Brenda / Roses is on the Or Two Strangers label. The approach is definitely at the melodic end of techno. A progressive house sense pervades the tune. There are no aggressive beats here. This is space techno with rippling synths carrying most of the load. Definitely dreamy.

Azzum’s Last Time is more beats based. But it’s still a gentle affair, owing much to deep house. That gentleness means I’m not sure how it would go down in a club. But for home listening this is excellent. A strong production built around an intriguing synth line gives the ear much to work with.

Finally, Aibhoo and Repair. Aibhoo is Zurab Kipiani from Tbilisi, Georgia. This is most definitely club based. An acid techno free for all. This is deepest, darkest ‘lost at 3am’ music. He says “This track is part of my crazy.” And who are we to argue.

~ by acidted on June 29, 2017.

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