Let It Be Me by Leftside Wobble & Cobby

The wonderful Steve Cobby, fresh from his Jezza triumph, combined with the almost-as-wonderful Leftside Wobble on a groovalicious mid-tempoed house track. Let It Be Me is 90s disco house. The accompanying blah says it “captures the spirit of early nineties Irma Records and gives it a contemporary twist.” There’s that sense of positivity but the tune owes more to spaced downtempo funk than it does to house. There are beats but they are essentially chilled and sedentary. Pretty Balearic. Only a quid. Give it a go.

~ by acidted on June 30, 2017.

2 Responses to “Let It Be Me by Leftside Wobble & Cobby”

  1. This one’s simply gorgeous, and the Irma Records comparison is spot on. Fun fact: the moniker “Irma Casa Di Primordine” (“Irma, House of Primary Quality”) often used by that label was the former denomination of a well-known brothel in Bologna.

  2. I do hope that’s true cos it’s great

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