Ambient from Paul Stillwell and Brayden Glenn

I don’t know about you but I’m not up for anything too challenging this Friday. Here’s a couple of gentle ambient tracks from Paul Stillwell and Brayden Glenn.

Brayden Glenn offers the soothing chimes of Heaven. A thoroughly soothing way to spend fifteen minutes. As ‘no tears’ as kids shampoo. This leaves your soul all soft, shiny and clean. An essentially beatless experience with various intensities of synths filling in the gaps where beats might otherwise go.

Paul Stillwell’s Ripples is not such a soothing experience. The main synths ripple around woozily, lost in reverie. But behind there is the darkness of some drone. This means that you never quite relax into the track. It always has you just that bit on edge. This gives the track a real presence and a don’t-take-me-for-granted quality.

Paul Still well says “Ripples from the album Parallax. Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Google Music, Spotify and directly from

~ by acidted on July 14, 2017.

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