Thursday’s techno twosome from Maderasi and Qiao Zhi

Maderasi and Qiao Zhi are from India and the US respectively but they share a common techno thread.

Maderasi gives us Adventures in Time & Space, which has a low key bottom end start. It eventually revs itself up to something more structured and focusing on the bass line. The melody line is saved cleverly to later on in its 9 minute course. It claims an element of minimalism but it’s way better than that dull genre.

Qiao Zhi also starts from the bottom end. Hardly surprising with a track called Zombie. This has quite a soundtrack feel to it. There’s a central hypnotic loop of impending techno doom as the Zombies relentlessly advance. This track is taken from the Flashback EP.

~ by acidted on July 20, 2017.

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