Afterglow/Timebox by Good Lee

We had Breathe With Me from Good Lee a couple of days ago. Here’s another couple of tracks from the Minute of Peace album .

Afterglow opens softly with kalimbas plucked and offering an otherworldly experience. But it builds from that into something more substantial but still ethereal, with half vocals, mainly pitched up in a style I often loathe but here fits just right. The beats are set back but insistent which makes this the antithesis of downtempo wallpaper music. Beautiful stuff.

Timebox is a more upbeat affair  but with some backwards sounds for that slightly disorientating air that accompanies the majority of the tracks on the album.

If you fancied checking out the whole album, it’s EUR10 on Bandcamp

~ by acidted on July 24, 2017.

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