Contrails and N/S offer downtempo pauses

Life moves so fast that once in a while it’s ok to stop and stare. You can’t stop for too long or you’ll realise the futility of it all. But for now, take a break with Contrails and N/S.

Contrails first. The White Light is a spectral tune of a type so delicate it’s easy to get wrong. Everything’s so gossamer thin that the lsightest misstep could blow it away on the lightest of breezes. Yet it manages to hold itself together with a hint of ambient tune and a drone mood that’s delightful.

Next. N/S and Mikro. A more up and at it tune, than Contrails but still gentle. Lots of held synth tones permeate the track like raspberry ripple. The main synth line is a bubbling source of delight.

Listen on Spotify here:


~ by acidted on August 1, 2017.

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