daisily – i made up a key for our madeup apartment

The sun is shining so hard it’s hard to see the keys to type. And that’s how this tune from daisily sounds. I made up a key for our madeup apartment is lazy ambient with a hip hop tang. Everything is woozy, guitars are on phaze and there are samples of longing from Star Trek TNG. Patrick Stewart’s voice (Season 5 Ep. 25, called “The Inner Light”) is perfectly used in this track.

* I know the picture’s Star Wars but Lego don’t do Stark Trek. More’s the pity.

~ by acidted on August 17, 2017.

One Response to “daisily – i made up a key for our madeup apartment”

  1. […] also from the USA, gives us patron of the academy of LESS FEEL. A bit like his previous one, this has lazy guitar and electronics in a hushed framework. At a smidge under two minutes […]

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