Nite Mrkt – Prefrontal

A tune that makes out like it’s ambient but isn’t really. It’s more of a soft house loveliness. That’s Prefrontal from Nite Mrkt. Starts of with a whirring of emotions and sounds before resolving into a house synth piano line of halcyon evocativeness. An endorphin rush of a tune and synths tumble everywhere. Proper outdoor clubbing tune.

Blurb: Nite Mrkt evokes a range of emotions in his upcoming 3-track EP, and attempts to create soundscapes that conjure feelings of bliss, loneliness, rejection, and redemption. Some tracks are danceable, while some are meant for reflection. This is the first track, and it is danceable.


~ by acidted on August 18, 2017.

2 Responses to “Nite Mrkt – Prefrontal”

  1. Hey everybody, the link is no longer working as I had to make some edits to my Soundcloud. Here’s the updated link:

    Sorry about that… and thanks for the kind words – it means a lot!

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