Ambient Tuesday with Mayten and SlimYungMan #ambient

A couple of ambient tunes from Mayten and SlimYungMan but branching off in different spacey directions.

Mayten first. The tune is Hive and this one had me casting my mind back almost fourty years to first hearing The Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy. There’s something about the opening section and the restraint followed by the plucked guitar sounds that remind me of the original evocative theme tune.

Hive represents the first official release for Mayten following self-released singles 828 and Detours in addition to 2016’s Notation LP. Hive is a lovely tune that is unafraid of giving itself space both for the tune to unfold and within the structures. The whole thing has a confident languid air.

SlimYungMan’s EmptySpaces takes a different track. It starts off in an anxious burst of static and astronaut chatter. But eventually it breaks free of gravity and becomes a weightless piece of empty space. The tune gradually takes on a chiming sense and acquires more structure. A piece of wonder.


~ by acidted on September 26, 2017.

2 Responses to “Ambient Tuesday with Mayten and SlimYungMan #ambient”

  1. Theme music for HHGTTG originally by….The Eagles! Let that sink in! 🙂

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