Deep drone and depression: Jason Barty and Mindswimmer

A couple of downtempo ambient drone tracks that veer from the calm of nature with Jason Barty to the disquiet mind of Mindswimmer.

Jason Barty first with Ede. A free download this is an ambient IDM folktronica track. If that’s a bit of a blizzard of tags it justifies each one. From the organic strings to the background wheezes, this track has it all. Taken from the album Simple Day there are shades of Boards of Canada and Future Loop Foundation. It has a pleasingly calming pastoral air to it all. Like the texture and grain of aged wood.

Get the album here:

Mindswimmer are in a different headspace. Their track between spaces is a 30 minute anxiety trip around the mind. It explores the connection between mind and body and mind and soul. I don’t pretend that this is easy listening at all. And it’s no surprise that Mindswimmer say “We creatives are prone to depression and anxiety because we put every ounce of ourselves into our crafts. Two months before the release of between spaces, we witnessed this firsthand when a dear friend and collaborator took his life after a long battle with severe depression.”

More postively they say “This album is a response to the peace, love and light that Mike gave to us as well as an invitation to the community to join us in addressing this sensitive issue. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this record will benefit the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (“ADAA”). If you choose to purchase the record for more than the asking price ($10), the full amount above the purchase price will go directly to the ADAA to further support the great work that they do.”

~ by acidted on October 15, 2017.

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