TA TA OO HA #house #finiflex

TA TA OO HA is the new EP from Finiflex. They are Music Producer and Finiflex Studio Owner, John Vick and DJ, Davie Miller. So, basically, a chunk of Finitribe. And this lovely track – available on yellow vinyl – is a lovely slab of dreamy, hazy house that wouldn’t have looked out of place on 1992’s classic Unexpected Groovy Treat.

This is no throwback, it’s MDMA haze of positivity and good times on the radio edit. There are then four variants. The It’s A Clap version does just that, takign it into a more minimal instrumental direction. The Origination version allows the synth to come through but it otherwise pointless. The Agent of Intelligence version takes the track down a darker, more techno, path far away fom the original’s positivity. A really good version. The final one is V2. A stripped down and drawn out version of the original mix it slightly lacks the cuteness of the radio version.

A good first release from Finiflex. Here’s to many more.

~ by acidted on October 16, 2017.

2 Responses to “TA TA OO HA #house #finiflex”

  1. Keep it up!

  2. Nice. This is v good indeed.

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