Interview with Household//Bassline and Exclusive Mixtape 2017 #bass #electonic

Here’s a premiere of mixtape from Household//Bassline and an interview to get under the skin of this Chicago resident with his finger on the bass.

Household//Bassline veers across the bass music and trap genres but never in a cliched way. There’s always something inventive about his approach. Let’s find out a bit more:

1. How the devil are you?
I’m great man – thanks for having me.

2. Who or what is Household//Bassline? Is it something to do with the household baseline survey?
If the U.N. wants to involve me in their survey – they’re gonna have to pay me! Maybe you can pull some strings? Until then, Household//Bassline will be about my own brand of bass music.

3. You’re based out of Chicago. I’ve never been. One of the homes of house or crime hell hole?
Chicago is a special place. I’m from Austin, so didn’t really know what to expect when I moved here – but everything they say about the house & techno scene is true. From pop-up warehouse parties to sweaty underground clubs, beach raves to glitterball disco lofts – it can be a little overwhelming. But the coolest part is the scene still manages to feel like family. It’s not uncommon see legends like Derrick Carter and Gene Farris goofing around with local DJ’s. Everyone is there for the music and to have a good time.

And as far as the violence goes, it’s real. The city is divided between the North, and South & West sides. To try and explain the problem would take a long conversation, a lot of beer, and bringing people who have been in Chicago longer than me.

4. Is there more to Chicago cuisine than deep dish pizza?
Dude, if I didn’t walk all the time – I’d be huge! This is a funny question, because pizza is a serious thing here. Like there are actual ‘pizza families’, old rivalries lasting over a century – and they hate each other. Everyone has an opinion on who has the best pizza, and there are at least a dozen contenders for the best pie.

But beyond pizza, yea, the city is so diverse, and so is the food. Last night I ate at a hole-in-the-wall ramen spot that had me breathing fire on the dance floor.

5. Tell us about the mixtape. There’s an anxiety to it all, with the squirts of sound. Where does that come from?
Lately, making music feels like trying to close the mailbox on a stick of dynamite. We all live on the edge of a knife these days, and I think my music reflects that.

With the mix, I tried to find other artists who were pushing the envelope – music that inspires me. There are tons! It was hard to narrow down which tracks to include in the mix.

6. You say you make “beats for the people”. Who are your people?
The world is so divided today. I just hope to be one of those people who can set aside their differences to get humanity back on track. Let’s keep this party going.

7. What are your plans for the future?
After releasing a bunch of music, I’m going to convince Elon Musk to let me be the first person to DJ on Mars

The mixtape is as bass heavy as you’d expect but sonically more diverse, ranging from proper future bass through trap and into some tricky experimental phases. But is is never settled, as if it’s expecting to be under attack at any moment and so has to keep moving. That’s reflected in 31 tracks in 43 minutes.

DL Link:

1. Lemon – Your Friends (Diamond Saints remix)
2. Eprom – Pineapple (G Jones remix)
3. Jackal – London Sound
4. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Murdah
5. Conrad Clifton – Prince of Crown Heights
6. G Jones – Pull Up
7. G Jones – Signal
8. Minnesota – Subterranean
9. Left/Right – Here ft. Trespass
10. Mad Zach – Acid Beta Test
11. Run DMT – Drop Top II
12. At Dawn We Rage – Nightshift
13. Household//Bassline – Workin’ 2 Hard (unreleased)
14. RL Grime – Stay For It (Convex flip)
15. Rezz – Relax
16. Rezz – Drugs!
17. Wiz Khalifa – So High (Bird Peterson remix)
18. Household//Bassline – W.H.C. (unreleased)
19. Huntar – 4AM (KD remix)
20. Kill The Noise & Mat Zo – Part I
21. I See Monstas – Deeper Love (Rootkit remix)
22. Minnesota ft. G Jones – Thunderdome (ill.Gates remix ft. Major Apeshit)
23. Sentic Cycle – Ascent
24. Noisia – Stonewalled (Hybris remix)
25. Spline – Rock
26. Mad Zach – Outlook
27. Stylust Beats & JLeon – Bandana (VIP)
28. Willy Joy – Can U Bounce
29. Buku – Front to back (Stylust Beats remix)
30. Household//Bassline – Tipsy (unreleased)
31. Tropkillaz – Falador Passa Mal

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