Crying in IKEA

The Clash were Lost in the Supermarket but they never had to contend with Crying In IKEA. Smoking Tea understands this modern dilemma, celebrated and mourned in his Crying in IKEA. Whether or not you’ve had to build a Billy bookcase armed only with a small, not very clear, instruction leaflet you will appreciate the air of anomie, ennui and artifice employed on this ambient IDM electronic track.

The tune itself has the wide open electronic spaces of flat pack furniture and the unhurried circulation of people round a warehouse. It is lost in IDM wonder at this temple of Scandie merchandising. But its heart is lost on the North Circular eternally trying to find the right slip road for the yellow and blue towers but always picking the wrong exit. The air of depression that settles over the track means the couple are too lost in themselves to blame storm for the lack of direction. This is last point before domesticity takes over for ever. Crying Tea says “IKEA is a kind of capitalistic church, where most of the people are spending their weekends in the search of themselves in a labyrinth of synthetic houses. They are crying after. I prefer to cry before.”

An allen key stamping on the face of humanity forever.

~ by acidted on October 25, 2017.

2 Responses to “Crying in IKEA”

  1. I can identify with this.

  2. The Ikea in Warrington used to have a smoking shelter, in the store, half way round. An admission that shopping there was so stressful people would need to smoke to get through it.

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