Hallelujah brothers and sisters. Steve Cobby has returned #electronic #downtempo

Steve Cobby hasn’t been away for forty days and forty nights but he has returned with a new album – Hemidemisemiquaver – which is cause enough for celebration. For if there is a king of downtempo electronics in the UK it is he. You go and order the double vinyl LP now, you hear me?

Opener Jenkem sets the tone with all manner of lush funkiness. Not so much funk that I am forced to rise from my chair. But more than enough to make my ears wriggle and a dopey grin spread across my face. This is followed by Rick James Dwells in the Abyss. This contains a lot of Rick, who was one of those 80s artists that passed me by (I think it was the horrible hair – ok, I’m shallow). The tune has lots of guitar and comes on like one of those casts of thousands groups of the 70s/80s. Steve gives the whole thing an angular spin and cuts away any tendency to self indulgence.

The Canyons of Lower Manhattan takes things back to a more bubbling electronica.  For a man to proud of his native Hull, this location is oddly out of place. But the track is the first essential track, with its stabbed 80s synth lines and syndrum experience. The US theme continues with the dubbed out funk of Babylon on the Hudson. The track’s a bit slight to be honest.

Heure d’Or (Golden hour) returns to the downtempo electronica space that Cobby inhabits so brilliantly, with something that could be from a classic Fila Brazillia album. It’s that good. This tickles your soul before offering it soothing and honeyed words. Given Steve’s love of photography (he’s annoyingly good at that as well) I assume the title refers to the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) which is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. An album highlight. A Candle for the Moth continues the soft funk in a late night tales kind of way.

Cherry-Skin Blanket drifts off to the Balearics with drawn out guitar and a languid air. A total beach experience. The album closes with Fixing The Shadows. A companion piece to the previous track this also uses guitar to take you on a soporific journey. An utterly wonderful way to close out the album.

The album’s out on 27 October on digital, CD and vinyl.

~ by acidted on October 26, 2017.

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