Contemplation with Bido Ben and Naut #chill #deephouse

Two contemplative space bound tracks for a Friday from Bido Ben and Naut. Bido offers something supposedly deep house but in actuality more leftfield and offbeat than that. Naut some yummy chill.

Bido Ben’s AM In Jupiter is a beautiful thing. Has a chilledness but the vocal and chiming synth hook reminded me of nothing so much as New FADs Big but more skulking at the bar than on the dance floor. It’s wonderful but frustratingly short at a little over 3 minutes. This needs a big fat sprawling dub remix lasting for at least 15 minutes.

Naut delivers some space opera sounds on Spaceagelove. A chiming, IDM fest of synths and squiggles. This could be a soundtrack to a Clangers film. That’s not meant in any way as damning with faint praise. The track has an offbeat charm that makes you smile, whilst disguising an underlying toughness. Clever stuff. Track taken from the new EP I Hardly Know You, I Barely Know Myself available now on Sunbird Records.

iTunes –…-ep/id1221446121


~ by acidted on October 27, 2017.

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