Caffeine Distict from SkyedState and Mydoz #techno

It’s hardly likely that I’m not going to post a coffee-related track, so a couple of techno tracks from SkyedState and Mydoz.

SkyedState first, with Caffeine. If you’re expecting a hyped up jittery piece of techno, you’re going to be disappointed. This is much more sophisticated than that. SkyedState is fom the US but this isn’t Dunkin Donuts coffee, this is a properly roasted bean, ground with a filtered approach. Taken black, rather than with the extra smoothness of foamed milk. There’s a bit of dub techno to some of the chords but the track has more richness and directness than that. A properly tough edge to proceedings.

Next, Mydoz dfrom France. District is cool techno tune but with definite tech house edges. The track is infused with police radio samples, giving it an air of tension which are partially undercut by the softer synth stabs. This has a rolling approach to life and grooves away very finely. Excellent club tune.

Blurb: Mydoz is a French Techno and Tech House producer active on the scene since 2007, among the other gigs, he played at WMC with Todd Terry, and his tracks were played by top-notch artists like Solomun. He presents you a new track titled “District”, with classic pads and stabs flowing over a tight groove, with crispy police radio vocal fragments.


~ by acidted on November 14, 2017.

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