Egodød Adhesion from Donnie Castle and Nanonoise #microdub #ambient #experimental

After a couple of days of big club sounds let’s return to inner space with Donnie Castle and Nanonoise.

Donnie Castle is from Sweden and offers you the strangeness of Egodød (tr. Ego Death). I’d never come across the ego death term. It seems as if it’s about “complete loss of subjective self-identity.” A Jungian thing about psychic death but also used by Timothy Leary (that man has so much to answer for) in relation to transcendence achieved through use of psychedelics.

Oh yes, the track. That’s a total trip. Swirling electronics, thrumming bass and soft chords. But it’s got an underlying structure that stops it becoming a sprawl of ideas and delivers a very slowly uplifting downtempo track. That contradiction between downtempo and uplifting lies at the heart of the appeal.

Stream / Download:

Nanonoise offers the stick pleasures of Adhesion. From the UK but born in Belgium, Nanonoise’s track is listed as microdub. This is a genre that rarely appeals. All too often it seems an excuse for setting a tone and varying it up or down by one degree every 20 secs. This is more complex and satisfying than that. There are microtoned synths offering that dub richness but the background wheezing and puffing makes it a richer experience.


~ by acidted on November 15, 2017.

One Response to “Egodød Adhesion from Donnie Castle and Nanonoise #microdub #ambient #experimental”

  1. love that Donnie track, thanks 🙂

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