ERODE: RECODED by Slighter

We had Slighter’s Erode here a few days ago. How about the remix version, Recoded? There are a range of styles here from cyber techno to ambient industrial to sci-fi soundtrack.

Lights Out (feat. Craig Joseph Huxtable) [Cyanotic Mix] takes a cyber techno approach to things. Loses the depth of the original. Mute Yourself (Muted Gospel Mix) is way better. It’s gospel Jim but not as we know it. Pitch black choral industrial. Activate (Deactivated Mix) says no slacking. This is big tight leather trousers and lashings of attitude. Total flaunt yourself track.

Turmoil (feat. Cyanotic) [Blank Mix] has a macro ambient dub feel built around the bass. A growling grower of a track. Disinformation (Sound The Alarms Mix) offers the sound of clashing between synths that veer towards a JMJ sense with the distorted industrial vocal. The Rise (Widescreen Mix) is ambient cyber punk sci-fi soundtrack. It’s great.

Background Noise, a personal favourite on the original album gets a going over by John Girgus for The Legendary House Cats. This almost doubles the length and takes it from closing credits soundtrack into something more ethereal and curiously substantial, despite being totally ambient. Album highlight.

~ by acidted on December 6, 2017.

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