Aardonyx – To Tulum / The Ghost (Release Mix) #drumandbass #dnb #electronic

Wednesday warmer from Aardonyx. Cracking two track drum and bass tracks from Manchester via Mexico.

Aardonyx are from Manchester  but this two track release was concieved on a trip to Mexico. I dunno what the Aztecs thought of drum and bass but both tracks here are excellent. To Tulum is a five minute roadtrip of breakbeaks and soaring wordless vocal. Dark but not so hard and dark that the tingle of anticipation disappears. The second track is The Ghost.  A much more reserved track. This is that minimal sort of drum and bass that Diffrent Music did so well. There’s a spectral, spooky, rainforest screeching kind of vibe. Doesn’t quite achieve the adrenalin rush of To Tulum but does give you the jitters.

There’s a bonus track on the Bandcamp release Submit – Imagination.  This hits harder and darker in the bass. It’s not half bad.

And on Soundcloud

Blurb: For NVR052 Nu Venture Records present To Tulum | The Ghost, the 2 track release and the latest instalment from Manchester Drum and Bass duo Aardonyx. 

[A] Aardonyx – To Tulum: 
To Tulum is an accomplished mixture of frantic breakbeats and ethereal vocals, combined with dynamic synths and a dark but mesmerising groove. The track gets its name, and was inspired by and conceived during, a bus journey with the destination Tulum, Mexico. The remainder of the track was then further developed and polised in the studio while ensuring the initial influence of that Central American expedition was preserved. 

[B] Aardonyx – The Ghost: 
The accompanying track The Ghost features a minimal sound palette, with a mysterious yet sinister combination of classic synth and pad sounds, alongside a driving bass. The deep and minimalistic style proving to be the perfect contrast from the intensity of To Tulum, both of which showcase the producing talent and diversity, of the Aardonyx duo. 

~ by acidted on December 13, 2017.

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