The Price of Failure is a Latibule of Redemption #drone #ambient

A trilogy of ambient and drone that starts on a low and finishes on an almost high from Lowlives Industries, Drew Harris and Nite Mrkt.

Lowlives Industries from Italy first. They offer the perfectly depressing ambient of The Price of Failure. A comment on much of life, this moves slowly, ground down from the reality of life outside a TV perfume commercial. The bass drones and chords are held. Eventually, only death remains.

Drew Harris offers Latibule. I’d never heard of the word before. But apparently, it means “A small hiding place” personal to you. There is something small and reflective about this track. A lofi kind of electronic tune, with found sound in the background but all focus is on the slow organ sounds that suffuse this track with a ramshackle peace. Delightful.

Finally, the Redemption from Night Mrkt (Josh Cooper). This is a chilled sort of uplifting tune. This sparkles with the electronic uplift of minor victories as hopeful synths vie with downbeat bass. The toast falling butter side up sort of thing. He describes it as “the sonic equivalent of dancing under storming clouds.”

~ by acidted on December 22, 2017.

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