Control can mean to restrain or exert influence #techno #deephouse #house

Two versions of control for you thins monring. Egopool offers a control that exerts restraint in a carefully managed techno tune. Meanwhile, Mambo Brothers offers a broader sweep of control in something that controls the loss of inhibitions.

Egopool is from Germany and their version of Control is a restrained techno track. It eschews cheap doof doof beats in favour of writhing synth lines that grow and grow. There’s a control as to when the peak will be relased that makes this track controlling.

The Mambo Brothers (Christian and Alan Anadon) are from Spain and this deep house / progressive tune takes a very different approach. This is control as a loss of inhibition. This tune sets out its stall early by building to a classic progressive house peak. The use of trumpets / brass in the background gives it a sense of 90s Justin Robertson. This is a big room peak time tune. And a damn good one.

~ by acidted on December 23, 2017.

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