snowdrift by Abstrakted #ambient #electronic #synth

Good afternoon (if you’re in the UK). Here’s a brand new one from Abstrakted (aka Slighter). Always did like his more IDM ambient offerings. And this is no exception. More ambient synth than the usual alien IDM, this is hushing effect of falling snow.

He says “As the snow started to fall yesterday, I took to the studio to relax and fiddle around with my synths. Having time off I just wanted to have a bit of fun. The results were quite nice.” Indeed they are. And for those who care about the more technical stuff, he says “The 3 synths I used in the piece are the Prophet 12 (leads and arps) Virus Ti (little ‘doppler’ FX) and Omnisphere 2 (pads and atmosphere).” Whatever, I’m glad he did this rather than waste time opening presents or watching a trash movie. Less Netflicks and chill, more ambient set list and chill.

Grab ‘snowdrift’ now for free, or donate, ahead of my next Abstrakted EP for Christian‘s Soundscapes Digital out in February.

~ by acidted on December 26, 2017.

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