Obamabo – Gift That Keeps on Giving Mixtape #lofi #triphop

Obambabo comes this morning bearing trip hop gifts. A mixtape of his nine track Gift That Keeps on Giving EP. There’s more than a little suggestion of DJ Shadow here in the inventive swing that this has. A restless sense of trip hop adventure that belies trip hop’s reputation as dinner party music. There’s a really cool sense of delta blues to some of this from an adroit use of guitar. It even heads out into something that verges on drum and bass occasion.

$5 from Bandcamp

Blurb: A follow up to acclaimed 2013 EP ‘Love is a Gift’ you will hear many of the same interweaving synth lines and heavy beats but with a more mature feel. Relying heavily on Boom Bap beats and Amen Breaks, the sonic space is interspersed with mostly live guitar and synth lines and a sprinkle of samples to add up to a rich layered soundscape.

With one foot in US Instrumental Hip Hop and one in UK Jungle/Dub/Trip Hop the sound has equal shades of more retro sounding Trip Hop a la DJ Shadow or Massive Attack with 21st century Future Bass and Lofi Hip Hop all with Daly’s original twist and unique live instrumentation.

~ by acidted on January 26, 2018.

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