Wind out January with screamershock, MoSS and The Roar of the Electric Lion #electronic #downtempo

January’s close comes with three tracks on a comedown. The artists are two from the UK – screamershock and The Roar of the Electric Lion – and one from Denmark – MoSS.

screamershock first. His new offering is Kyōkai (きょうかい). A much more introspective track than we’ve come to expect from screamershock. I’m not sure what the title is meant to explain since it translates as a teaching or principle or feelings. Perhaps feelings is what the track comes closest to. It’s a complex and intricate piece that gently but firmly insists on your attention. I know I’m being suggested by the track title but there’s something a little Zen garden about it all. A spacious approach that crowds out the unnecessary. Very clever.

Next, The Roar Of The Electric Lion and Nosunsincesarajevo. With almost no beats to speak of this is built around a collection of light and airy synths. The track resists the temptation to go all weightless and remains grounded. There’s a joy of life inherent in the track and a sense of momentum, which makes it no surprise that the artist says “this is a track I made whilst Motorcycling from the UK to Turkey and back last summer of 2017.”

The track is taken from the Instruments EP

Finally Denmark’s MoSS with something even more chilled and kinda Balearic. Carcass of Industry belies its scary title to have guitars lazily set against hip hop beats and a 50s sample. A little bit of xylophone adds some childhood memories and the need for a cold beer and a hammock. And I hate hammocks but I’d suffer one for this. Gorgeous.

~ by acidted on January 31, 2018.

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