The Wonderlust – I Said Maybe #chill #electronic

It’s Friday. Let’s take five minutes have something appropriately horizontal from The Wonderlust and I Said Maybe.

A little bit chill lounge this one. The profusion of Spanish-sounding guitar gives it a beach feel. There’s nothing in any way ‘difficult’ about the track but it has a seductive quality that’s hard to resist. And perhaps resist is the right word when they say the track “explores the fluid, ambiguous space hovering just short of agreement and just shy of a promise.” And the romance in the track is undercut when they say “This is a track about both the freedom and the limitation of non-commitment.” I’m committed to this track nonetheless.

Properly Balearic, despite US origins.

Blurb: The Wonderlust is a musical duo from the Bay Area consisting of DJ/producer Mo Corleone and guitarist/graphic artist David Shakiban. At an unlikely junction, beat-driven electronica and experimental guitar meet in the wee hours to conspire but are too rowdy and riotous to remain hidden. The resulting commotion is The Wonderlust.

~ by acidted on February 2, 2018.

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