Joor Niith recommends: Korsun – Old Rare Stuff #electronic #downtempo #idm

Before we start the week, here’s a further recommendation from Joor Niith. This time, Korsun and Old Rare Stuff.

Certainly old this one, since it was released in 2012. An eternity ago in these digital days. The mood is chilled and sluggish. All moving through treacle and in no hurry to get anywhere in particular at all. Even when the beats become dnb, as on Walking on the sun, they don’t really disturb the tranquil mood. Only $1.

And finally, Iridium Flares, a more recent track by Korsun which is listed as microfunk. Dunno what that is but this is wheezier than an old man’s progress and just as serene.


~ by acidted on February 11, 2018.

One Response to “Joor Niith recommends: Korsun – Old Rare Stuff #electronic #downtempo #idm”

  1. Thanks for your approval towards my humble suggestions, Ctel. A side comment about time: people nowadays seems more and more in a hurry, everything is so frenetic. So, what once lasted years, now it lasts weeks, sometimes even days.

    I never based my conception of “old” over elapsed time, but more on interest and relevancy (certain things age worse than others, of course). So, I might listen to a song from 10 years ago and consider it much more relevant than something just released (which is actually what often happens with nowadays music, at least to me). Just my two cents, without any claim to be right.

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